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Daydreamer Tour Concert T-Shirt | Tan

$29 $42

Want to rock a concert t-shirt without having to know the songs? The vintage tan Daydreamer t-shirt is the perfect lighter-tone, boho concert tee!

Keep the daytime-festival vibes going as you head back to the office too. The tones in this tee pair amazingly tucked into this seasons loose-leg dress pant style for a more professional, 'return-to-office-but-keep-the-party-going' look. 

Please note: unlike the Vintage Black Daydreamer Concert t-shirt this shirt does NOT have a design on the back.

Designed and printed in Ontario, Canada


  • Photo 1: Size medium
  • Photo 2 & 3: Size large
  • Size chart can be found here under "mens" tab


  • Tan

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