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Holistic Wellness Roadmap Ebook


Become a G.O.A.T in the kitchen and in life with every lifestyle component to feel your absolute best! Redefine your relationship with food and redefine your life. 

This ebook includes basic information about nutrition, building balanced meals for energy, better digestion and balanced hormones, tips to improve gut health, ways to cut back on sugar, food seasonality & what to buy organic, fitness nutrition, fun workouts for home (perfect for pandemic lifestyles), energy tips for busy people & travellers, self-care integrations, how to build a morning wellness routine, natural beauty care to keep toxic-load low,  natural home cleaning, goal setting basics with 1 month reflection journal + daily log templates.  

Plus, menu planning, meal prep, batch cooking 101, healthy cooking basics, recipes, simple swaps, foolproof juices & smoothies and the benefits of each, vitamins & mineral supplementation, adaptogens, superfoods and even all the way down to hydration & effects of caffeine.

Xo. Nic


Note: this ebooks contains compiled content from many other ebooks in the shop. 

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